Pre-Anesthesia Instructions PDF

Intravenous anesthesia provides a safe and effective way for you to have oral surgery. However, several precautions are still necessary to ensure your safety and to provide predictability and comfort throughout your procedure.

  1. DO NOT eat or drink anything six (6) hours prior to your appointment. No food, no water, no juice, milk nor coffee. No smoking, no chewing gum, no mints nor candy. Your surgical appointment will need to be rescheduled if this is not followed
  2. You must have a responsible adult accompany you, but please leave children not having surgery at home. This responsible adult must be present in the office before any surgical procedure is to begin. They must remain in the office during your surgical procedure, and remain with you for a minimum of 6 hours after surgery.
  3. If your accompanying adult is not present at the time of surgery, we will reschedule your appointment.
  4. It is advisable that you drink a large glass of water prior to your bedtime. This will help prevent dehydration.
  5. Clean your teeth and mouth well prior to surgery. Tooth brushing is allowed, just do not swallow water during or after brushing.
  6. A parent or guardian must accompany patients under the age of 18. The guardian attending the consult must be the same guardian who attends surgery.
  7. DO NOT take any medications unless instructed by the doctor. You may take your pill(s) with a SMALL sip of water only.
  8. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows access to your upper arms. Young children may need to allow access to the upper thigh area.
  9. No flip flops, sandals or slides. Wear tennis shoes or a similar type of shoe.
  10. No jewelry of any kind. This includes watches, rings, and any piercing, especially tongue bars.
  11. Do not wear makeup or nail polish. Do not wear hard, soft or extended wear contact lenses the day of your surgery.
  12. Please leave cell phones at home.
  13. If you have any questions regarding your anesthesia or the surgical procedure, call the Doctor at (512)255-5800 or through the Medical Exchange at (512)458-1121.
  14. Diet: Day of surgery: Cold and Soft: Ice cream, yogurt, smoothies, applesauce, cottage cheese, Jello, canned tuna, smooth peanut butter, etc.

The following days you will be on a soft diet only: mashed potatoes, baked potato, scrambled eggs, pasta, tuna salad, egg salad, macaroni and cheese, rice, re-fried beans, soup…