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Bone Grafting

Treatment for Bone Loss

Facial and jaw bone loss occurs for a variety of reasons ranging from facial trauma to congenital defects. Bone grafting is an effective treatment option used to restore lost bone to the affected areas. It can also be performed prior to the placement of dental implants to strengthen the jaw.

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Understanding How a Bone Graft Works

Bone graft introduces grafting materials into the area that needs extra bone. The material in the graft can come from a variety of sources including synthetic materials, the patient’s own body (autografts), donated human tissue (allografts), or animal tissue (xenografts). After the graft is placed, it triggers the creation of new bone cells to gradually replace the grafting material, resulting in the development of stronger and healthier bone.

Typically, bone grafting is used to create a foundation for dental implants. Acting as artificial tooth roots for replacement teeth, dental implants are surgically implanted into the jaw. If the jaw lacks sufficient bone, the placement of dental implants may be jeopardized. A bone graft can bolster the stability and durability of dental implants, restoring oral structure and functionality.

Types of Anesthesia

We offer several forms of anesthesia to ensure your comfort.

Types of Bone Grafting Treatments

In your consultation, you’ll have your oral health assessed through the use of advanced 3D scans of your face and mouth to comprehensively assess your needs. Dr. Weber will then be able to evaluate your facial structures, identify any hidden oral health issues, and create a personalized care plan. For many dental implant candidates, a bone graft is needed to support the future implant. If he recommends a bone graft, he’ll review the grafting treatment that’s right for you and provide further information on what to expect.

Ridge Augmentation

A ridge augmentation provides a stable foundation for future implants but reconstructing the alveolar ridge, the bony support for teeth.

Sinus Lift

When the upper jaw needs more bone height for the placement of dental implants, a sinus lift is performed to gently lift the sinus wall and insert a bone graft, establishing a stronger, healthier foundation for dental implants.

Socket Preservation

A socket preservation procedure prevents bone loss and maintains the size and shape of the socket after an extraction, ensuring the surrounding bone structure is maintained for future dental implants.

Major Bone Grafting

To address skeletal defects caused by tumors, surgery, diseases, congenital defects, or trauma, major bone grafting harvests bone from the patient’s skull, knee, or hip. These procedures, that aim to rebuild and restore damaged bone structures, are performed in a hospital by our oral surgeon.

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